Charity focused

Donating substantial profits to partnered charities.

Eco-friendly Practices

Digital Charity Art will only use blockchain technologies that are environmentally friendly.


Partnering directly with charities and philanthropic crypto projects.

Unique services

Digital Charity Art are offering unique services to charities to allow them to create their own NFTs.

We are proud to be a Climate Positive Protocol

About Digital Charity Art

Bringing charity and NFTs together

Digital Charity Art is a small team of New Zealanders who share a passion for blockchain, and the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world by connecting charities to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS). The ultimate goal of Digital Charity Art is to harness the enthusiasm and vast potential of NFTs and channel it towards the organisations that need help the most.

NFT Collectibles

 Digital Charity Art intends to launch three collectible projects each year, rotating through the marine, land and human domains of charitable sectors. Each project will directly partner with charities in these domains, and vary in size and artwork style. By partnering with charities, we intend to build long term, lasting relationships, and provide them with a consistent source of fundraising on the blockchain.

Our first collection, Digital Oceans, is a range of aquatic themed images to raise funds for ocean conservation charities.

This collection has already created a $1500.00 donation to our partnered charities.

Bespoke NFTs

Digital Charity Art will offer Bespoke NFT making services for partnered charities. This will involve the creation of NFTs from media, merchandise or experiences that charities have available, and the selling of them on the blockchain, providing 100% of the profit to the partnered charity that provided the material. This could look like Turtle Adoption Certificate NFTs, auctions for in-house art sold on the blockchain, or limited edition NFTs we create that are redeemable for certain charity related experiences.

Digital Charity Art Team

Samurai Turtle

Project Manager, Developer

Project Manager for 6 years leading teams around New Zealand. 2 years developing Python and Java. Involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2017 and has a sound understanding of the trends, communities, and intricacies of the blockchain world.

Guard Turtle

Designer, Marketing

NFT Designer with 7 years of artistic experience in various mediums, and 5 years of interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Passionate and excited about the opportunity to apply these skills to projects contributing to positive change.

Charities we work with

Digital Charity Art are actively building relationships with charities internationally.

Experiencing Marine Reserves

See Turtles

Sea Shepherd NZ

World Wildlife Fund NZ

Marine Megafauna Foundation

Oceanic Society

Partnered Projects

We are partnering with amazing philanthropic Crypto and NFT projects.

contact information

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